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expensive original leather shoes brands in Europe + description

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original leather shoes brands

Introducing some original brands that provide expensive leather shoes in Europe with some description:

One can tell a great deal about a guy by the shoes he wears, and a gentleman typically defines himself via his dress shoes, which are one of the most essential components of his ensemble.

The high street is often not traversed in standard shoes or boots. A man’s rich lifestyle and identity in society should be reflected with dress shoes that are designed to dazzle.

Shoes may symbolize where we have been and where we are heading in life. From ancient royal families to contemporary superstars, dress shoes have always been required to complete an ensemble.

If you want to wear expensive suits and accessories such as high-end sunglasses, pocket squares, and watches, then your footwear must also be of the highest caliber.

Don’t be scared to flaunt your excellent fashion sense with some of the largest and finest brands on the market.

There are several pricey shoe manufacturers with a variety of designs, materials, and colors for those who do not check the price tag. Choose from the following brands for dress shoes of superior quality that will endure for years.

  1. The celebrity Jason of Beverly Hills

Unique men’s dress shoes by Jason of Beverly Hills cost a startling $2 million and include over 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds.

Each is handcrafted in white gold, taking a remarkable 2,000 hours of labor. In addition to the 340 carats of diamonds, the sole was crafted by the legendary Tom Ford.

They now hold the record for the most expensive men’s footwear in the world. If it doesn’t quench your need for fancy sweets, I don’t know what would.

  1. A Diciannoveventitre

A Diciannoveventitre takes a contemporary approach to the time-honored craft of shoemaking by using durable, high-quality leathers with a weathered appearance.

Unique distressed and modern designs communicate to the influence creative process and brand image of the business.

  1. Testoni’s

a.testoni Men’s M45545, Caramel Nappa

  1. Testoni footwear ingeniously mixes traditional and modern Italian design approaches to produce shoes that exhibit master-level Italian workmanship. Each shoe is meticulously created by hand, using only the finest materials and including intricate design elements.
  2. Bally

Bally, a Swiss manufacturer, blends smart splashes of color and athletic flair into its footwear while keeping a classy look via the use of high-quality materials, a clean and polished design, and a variety of constructions for the luxurious lifestyle.

  1. Berluti

Men’s Most Expensive Berluti Shoes

Since 1895, Berluti has created shoes for the refined man, including Oxfords, loafers, and derbies. His collection of superior and comfortable leather footwear is designed to make the finest impression for formal events as well as regular usage.

  1. Bolvaint

Black calfskin Bolvaint Verrocchio dress shoes

Bolvaint demonstrates their brand’s workmanship for users of traditional dress shoes and penny loafers by their meticulous selection of leather materials and attention to detail. Paris’s style is attained by its exquisite designs and refined appearance.

  1. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli, known as the “king of luxury,” created his brand renowned for its sumptuous materials and basic but elegant color palette.

Many have admired his brand’s philosophical approach to design, which was inspired by Italy’s stunning Solomeo environment.

  1. Christian Louboutin footwear

Men’s Christian Louboutin Shoes That Are Most Expensive

This ever-popular shoe brand is most recognizable for its characteristic red-lacquered soles, as well as its dressier versions with patent leather and jeweled straps. Christian Louboutin footwear is one of the era’s most exquisite and fashionable shoe businesses.

  1. Church’s

Church’s footwear

Church’s range of traditional and high-end shoes emulates English elegance with unique and polished details, appealing to the refined gentleman who appreciates wearing timelessly elegant footwear. Church’s is renowned for making the finest handcrafted shoes for any contemporary ensemble.

  1. Corthay

Corthay Men’s Most Expensive Shoes

Corthay, a well-respected contemporary shoemaker, has perfected the art of shoemaking by using a variety of materials, methods, and styles to create a unique collection of dress shoes, using information handed down from the Compagnons, a French medieval guild.

  1. Crockett and Jones

The Most Expensive Crockett and Jones Shoes For Men

Crockett & Jones crafts some of the best handcrafted English footwear, using only the finest calfskin sourced from Europe’s premier tanneries.

The shoemaking technique of this Northampton-based company prioritizes quality and classic design.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Men’s US 10 IT 9 EU 43 Grey Sneakers

Dolce and Gabbana have consistently provided fresh perspectives on elegance while remaining faithful to their widely renowned aesthetics and innovation, without losing their Mediterranean roots. Their footwear line often creates an impact on the runway with its striking designs.

  1. Edward Green

Edward Green Most Expensive Mens Shoes

Edward Green, born in Northampton in 1890, successfully upholds the English elegance heritage with his timeless designs.

Their devotion to traditional designs is still evident in their well-constructed shoes that combine refinement and current fashion trends.

  1. Fendi

Fendi, which was founded in 1925 in Rome, incorporates the history, art, and beauty of the old city into their brand.

Fendi’s shoes represent their tradition via excellent craftsmanship and imaginative design, displaying charisma and originality.

  1. Giacometti

Most Expensive Men’s Shoe Brands: Giacometti

Giacometti, which was founded in Italy in 1890, has earned its reputation on making footwear with distinctive construction and design, featuring various varieties of leather and distinguishing embellishments that assist to set the brand apart.

  1. Gucci

Gucci Men’s Nero (Black) Microguccissima Leather Full Bottom Driver (11 US / 10.5 UK)

Gucci is the epitome of diversity, modernity, and opulence, as seen by their immensely popular patterns and inventive use of high-quality materials.

Their items and footwear redefine luxury as we know it and exemplify the highest level of Italian workmanship.

original leather shoes brands

Some of the original brands that provide shoes made of leather:

  1. Haider Ackermann


Haider Ackermann’s footwear is primarily distinguished by its urban avant-garde aesthetic and creative sculptural design. Haider Ackermann, a shoemaker favored by celebrities and fashion industry insiders, imports shoes with Cuban heel types made entirely of leather from Italy.

  1. Hermes

Men’s Hermes Most Expensive Shoes

The Hermes brand is steeped in French history and culture, which has led to its reputation in the fashion world as a sign of sophistication.

Their superb leather goods and other items reflect the refinement and beauty of the equestrian way of life.

  1. Isaia

The Men’s Most Expensive Isaia Shoes

As a major symbol of Italian elegance, Isaia is revered for its excellent workmanship, opulent materials, and immediately identifiable coral branch emblem.

The Neopolitan-inspired company takes great efforts to highlight historic style and current design in its footwear.

  1. Lobb, John

Most Expensive Leather Dress Shoes For Men By John Lobb

The John Lobb brand, which is based in the United Kingdom, is renowned for producing shoes that completely fit to the wearer’s soles, as well as for offering an astonishing assortment of durable footwear in a variety of designs and materials.

  1. Louis Vuttion

Most Expensive Dress Shoes By Louis Vuitton For Men

Louis Vuitton preserves the serenity of the Asnières workers in mind while producing new items, with its footwear being globally demanded by the contemporary and opulent gentleman who allows his shoes do all the talking and walking.

  1. Magnanni

Magnanni Lennon Grey Men’s Monk Strap Shoes Size 9.5 US

Since 1954, the illustrious Magnanni brand has offered a range of footwear that has been handmade in Spain.

Each shoe’s design is intended to elicit an emotional response from the user, making the brand’s approach to appealing to a wealthy lifestyle distinctive.

  1. Stemar

Stemar are the priciest luxury shoe brands for men.

In 1969, Stemar announced itself to the world as a star of Italian luxury footwear and modernized ancient shoemaking techniques. The company embodies quality, comfort, and classic elegance in its Italian footwear.

  1. Santoni

Santoni Men’s INDUCT-01-02 Brown BURNISHEDE Leather LACE-UP Dress Shoes, Size US 15, Brown BURNISHEDE

The Santoni brand exemplifies the brilliance of Italian shoemaking in its purest form. Santoni shoes stand out in the fashion industry as a result of the incorporation of tradition and innovation into their manufacturing procedures, which are fueled by a current mentality and old expertise.

  1. Romano Martegani

Black Romano Martegani Baby Alligator Low Vamp Loafers with a Vamp

Prioritizing quality above all else, Romano Martegani is considered as one of the finest Italian shoe companies in the world.

The modest business owned by Romano Martegani on the outskirts of Milan is a superb example of reputable shoemaking of the highest caliber.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo

After capturing the attention of Hollywood stars in the 1920s, Salvatore Ferragamo has been an exclusive shoe brand.

After three generations, the beauty and craftsmanship of Salvatore Ferragamo’s handmade Italian shoes continue to be praised and highly sought after.

  1. Marsell

Men’s Marsell Luxury Fashion MM13305124 Brown Lace-Up Shoes

The unique scuffed and wrinkled leather on shoes by Marsèll exemplifies the brand’s natural and softly worn appearance.

The shiny leather material, subtle accents, and expertly molded heels provide a fresh take on traditional Italian shoe design with a contemporary twist.

  1. Mezlan

8.5 brown Mezlan Men’s Miguel Monk-Strap Loafer

With origins in Almansa, Spain, Mezlan shoes uphold the workmanship and reputation of expert shoemakers. Every pair of shoes in the exquisite Mezlan line is handcrafted with a great deal of attention, love, and ingenuity.

  1. Paul Parkman

Brown Paul Parkman Goodyear Welted Ghillie Lacing Wingtip Brogues

Paul Parkman meticulously picks raw materials to manufacture their masterpieces in a tiny factory in response to the demands of the urban man of the twenty-first century.

Rarely handled by machines and produced in small quantities, Paul Parkman shoes result in exceptional footwear.

  1. Prada


Prada, which was established in Milan, is one of the most prominent fashion designers in Italy. Close observation and interest of the contemporary world and culture motivate the brand’s inventiveness, and their footwear is of the highest quality and comes in devilishly gorgeous forms.

  1. Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci’s Most Expensive Men’s Shoes

Stefano Ricci, which is based in Italy, pays homage to nature and art via their footwear, which has a strong connection to Florence. Stefano Ricci has pushed the frontiers of genuine excellence via his enthusiasm and innovation.

  1. Sutor Mantellassi

Sutor Mantellassi Caramel Brown Shoes, Size 9.5/42.5

Sutor Mantellasi thinks that shoes should be the primary focus point of elegance, and if you agree, then the stylish footwear of the 100-year-old Sutor brand will deliver you the exquisite craftsmanship and refined style you seek.

  1. Théo Browne

Men’s Shoes By Thom Browne That Are Most Expensive

Beginning with just five suits, Thom Browne made his brand recognized via premium designer specialty boutiques throughout the world. New York’s sophisticated fashions are brought to the forefront by the globally renowned designer Thom Brown, who is known for his innovative and daring creations.

  1. Tom Ford

Tom Ford Luxury Fashion Men’s White J1045TDAPBR Sneakers | Fall Winter 2019

Tom Ford, although being a relatively young company, has risen to the top of the fashion and design industries because to its distinctive image.

Tom Ford has exerted extraordinary effort to provide you with high-quality footwear in designs you will like.

  1. Valentino


As one of Italy’s most recognizable labels, Valentino’s originality was well-received from the beginning, leading to a prosperous position in the fashion business.

Those who value exquisite footwear will find the brand’s shoes to be the ultimate representation of Italian luxury.

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